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New Vegan is a publication of Phoenix Rites. Copyright 2017

It is a non-profit web site. Email us here.

Welcome and greetings... New Vegan is dedicated to supporting individuals and creating a stronger sense of community, acceptance and yes, joyfulness in being Vegan. We've all had the friends, family members, co-workers underling their own insecurities while undermining our determination to live more compassionate, gentler existences.

It's no small task in a global atmosphere that is showing us all the tools to make the world better; to create wider sense of community, empathy and compassion while it undermines that very end with the other hand.

Misinformation, fear and recriminations are what those looking to wake from the nightmare of consumption based planetary depletion are facing. Vegan living as an educated and informed life choice is still in it's infancy. But I tell you as the mother f six children, infant children grow up and with them the world changes.

There is a lot to sort through and educate ourselves on. It will take determination, patience and a willingness to face some hard truths about our own specie to bring the Earth back from a very well documented tipping point. There are a lot things we all need to share, and given enough time I am sure we will.

I look forward to the future. There is so much I don't know... so much I have and will continue to stumble over (including both my own feet) but I am willing to get up and try my best, which is all any of us can do, BUT every day our best changes... it improves... the further we reach the stronger our arms become. And when that reach is one of gentleness and compassion, I believe that the future can actually be brighter and better then we can perhaps even imagine today.



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